Note to Users

The Panama City crayfish (Procambarus econfinae) is known only from an area of ~56 square miles around Panama City, Florida. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) proposed listing the species as threatened under the Endangered Species Act on 03 January 2018. The key science underpinning that proposed listing is captured in the Species Status Assessment (SSA) for the crayfish, which was published alongside the proposed listing. Rather than being just a document related to listing a species, SSAs are also one of the three pieces of FWS’s new approach to recovery planning. The  Center for Conservation Innovation at Defenders of Wildlife is working with FWS and the National Marine Fisheries Service to pilot web-based, dynamic recovery plans* that leverage new approaches to recovery planning. The fundamental idea is that we can improve the timeliness and completeness of recovery planning by moving beyond static, paper-based media. The crayfish is not yet listed and, if listed, will likely not have a recovery plan for several years. Here, we illustrate the utility of web-based recovery planning from very early in a species’ listing history by translating the crayfish SSA from the paper-based medium to the web. With one exception – a dynamic map we added to the section on the species’ range – all of the content is copied and pasted directly from the SSA, v1.1, released with the proposed listing rule. However, we emphasize that this site is not the official SSA. To build out the framework, we also add placeholders for the other two components of FWS’s new recovery approach, the core Recovery Plan and the Recovery Implementation Schedule.

* The recovery plan itself will be static because it has to undergo public review and comment, but it will be available alongside the dynamic portions, such as the SSA.